Tramone Russell a Roy C. Start High School graduate, will be attending Mercy College to study polysomnography. In the fifth grade, Tramone’s grandmother and guardian was diagnosed with Larynx, Lung, and Bone Cancer. After her diagnosis, Tramone became a caregiver to his ill grandmother, preparing meals and cleaning the house while juggling his schoolwork. During high school, Tramone played football, but was also a member of DECA and served as a mentor to other students in a credit recovery program. Tramone is also greatly involved in his church where he volunteers and performs with the music group. He hopes that going into the medical field will allow him to “help people the way I helped my grandmother.”

Jonathan Wright, a Saint John’s Jesuit High School graduate, is attending the Ohio State University where he is studying biology and neuroscience. Jonathon was highly involved in band at St. John’s, as well as the school newspaper, National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and community service. During his freshman year of high school Jonathon’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Jonathon said his many hours spent in the hospital during his mother’s treatments sowed his “passion for the medical field” and sprouted his “desire to be a physician.” He wants to study the thyroid in particular in order to “strengthen the current knowledge” and help not only his mother, but also “everybody who suffers from cancer.”
Bethany Trumbull is a graduate of Toledo Christian High School where she was a cheerleader and performed in the theater and musicals. Six years ago her father was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and because of this, Bethany said, “my family has had a difficult time financially.” To relieve her parents, Bethany juggled various part-time jobs throughout high school as an aftercare worker and a food service employee to pay for her own expenses. Bethany is planning to attend Bowling Green State University in the fall to pursue a degree in art education. Bethany says that because of cancer, she has a “greater appreciation for life in general because life is so fragile and it can change so quickly.”
Caitlin Matthews graduated from Saint Ursula Academy where she was involved with STEM club, Mock Trial, school yearbook, and admissions at St. Ursula. A member of student council for all four years, Caitlin was her class president both freshman and senior years. A few years ago Caitlin’s father was diagnosed with Stage III Malignant Melanoma. Despite the hard news, Caitlin found that his diagnosis made her “a more positive, optimistic person.” In addition to becoming a member of the National Honor Society, Caitlin threw herself into volunteer work and community service. Her volunteerism won her and a group of peers the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. where they were presented with the Youth Jefferson award for their school. Caitlin plans to attend John Carroll University in the fall. She says, “While every day has its own struggles, I am confident that things are getting better, and I am thankful for Foundations like yours that aim to ease the financial burden that comes from a family member’s battle with cancer.”
Nicholas Sugg graduated from Central Catholic High School and is attending Kent State University to study business. Since Nicholas was four, his Dad has been battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and the resulting complications from the illness. Despite the stress at home, Nicholas was able to find an outlet in sports and music. During high school, Nicholas was heavily involved in athletics, playing freshman basketball and varsity soccer and lacrosse through his junior year. Nicholas also enjoyed performing with Central Catholic’s Glee Club and participating in the musicals. He said playing the role of the Beast in this past year’s performance of Beauty and the Beast was “truly one of [his] greatest memories of high school.”

Richera Brown graduated from Springfield High School, where she was highly involved in track, cross country, basketball, African American Club, as well as Class President her Junior year, and Vice President her Senior year. Finding out about her mother’s diagnosis with Colon Cancer at the end of her Junior year was difficult to deal with, but she never lost hope. “Something that seemed like the darkest hour became moments filled with faith. Although it was one of the most difficult times in my family’s life, it was a time filled with more joy and laughter than we had ever shared before.” Richera is studying Psychology at Wright State University, and considers the scholarship “a blessing. To know that this scholarship was made personally for students like me means a lot.”
Claire Kerscher is a graduate of Anthony Wayne High School, where she was involved in choir, National Honor Society, French Club, and was Vice President of her Student Council. Her father’s battle with Prostate Cancer inspired her to study Medical Laboratory Science at Ohio State, where her dream is to help diagnose patients so they may be treated quickly and eventually cured, like her father. “I can’t wait to one day wear a lab coat and assist in the early recognition of cancer to save lives, just like the people who helped catch the cancer in my dad.”Claire was awarded a few different scholarships, but this one meant the most to her. “It means a lot that you are there for me and for the other recipients, and that you know how it feels to have a parent whose battled cancer.”
Alex Misko, a Maumee High School graduate, played varsity baseball, was involved in Link Crew, a student mentoring program, and is a Teen Volunteer for the Hospice of Northwest Ohio. His mother’s battle with Hairy Cell Leukemia began when he was just six years old. After 12 years she is still fighting, and he continues to stay positive while studying Supply Chain Mgmt at the University of Toledo. “I have learned compassion, how to laugh when I would rather cry, to live each day to the fullest and never take anything for granted, and to be thankful for all the little things in life.” For Alex, receiving this scholarship “means so much to me, and it’s about more than receiving money. The people of the foundation take their time to raise money for a few kids that have a story, and I can’t tell you how much those little things matter.”
Victoria Schoen is a Notre Dame Academy graduate who was involved in broomball and the Pastoral Core Team at NDA, and is a Youth Group member at St. Catherine’s Parish. Her father’s battle with Skin Cancer when she was a little girl inspired her to volunteer at the Cancer Connection of NW Ohio, where she presently serves as a Junior Board Member. “I had seen the effect that cancer had on my family, so I wanted to start showing my support in a more profound way. As I have matured and witnessed the sorrow of others that have loved ones dealing with cancer, I have come to realize how blessed my family is that my dad is still with us and we have the ability to help others.” Tori’s experience has inspired her to study Middle Childhood Education and Religious Studies at the University of Dayton. “Thank you to everyone that volunteers for this organization and for Costumes for Cancer, the scholarship means a lot to me.”

Amanda Rizzo graduated in 2013 from Maumee High School. When Amanda was 13 years old her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though her mom was going through cancer, she never let it get her down. Her mom believed that the most important thing was to keep a positive attitude and always “Believe”. Amanda’s mom has been cancer free for four years and she feels that her mom’s diagnosis has made her a better person and is grateful for all the lessons it taught her.
Hailie Smith graduated in 2013 from Anthony Wayne High School. When Hailie was 11 years old she lost her mother to cancer. Losing her mother at such a young age forced Hailie to grow up much quicker than a normal child. She realized that she has to make every single second count, and always live every day to it’s fullest. Hailie is currently studying to be a Child Life Specialist at The University of Akron.

Alex Getz graduated in 2012 from St. Francis de Sales High School in Toledo, Ohio. When he was 3 years old his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. She has battled through one reoccurrence after another of cancer and Alex views her struggle as an inspiration to be strong in the face of adversity. Thanks to the courage and tenacity of his mother; Alex has emerged a confident, hardworking, and loving young man who stands ready to face whatever the world has to offer. Alex is currently attending Ohio State University, majoring in Electrical Engineering.
Deanna Huffman graduated in 2012 from Toledo Christian Schools in Toledo, Ohio. Deanna’s mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011. Experiencing the drudgery of her mother withstanding surgery and weekly treatments has taught Deanna the importance of a family’s love and cherishing every moment of life. Her mother is still battling cancer. Deanna is currently studying Pre-Med at the University of Toledo.
Lindsey Krewson graduated from Maumee High School in Maumee, Ohio. Lindsey’s father was diagnosed with and overcame throat cancer in 2007. Just when Lindsey thought the worst was over, her mother was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. Her mother fought hard for several years, but lost her battle in 2012. Going through this experience has pushed Lindsey to succeed in life. She has overcome all of her hardships and wants to make the best of her life by continuing her education in order to make an impact in the lives of others. Lindsey is currently studying Early Childhood Education at the University of Toledo.

Bryan Adams graduated from Waite High School in Toledo, Ohio. Bryan’s father is a two time cancer survivor. This experience has taught Bryan to fight for what he believes in and not take things for granted. His father’s strong will to live has taught him to live today as if there were no tomorrow. Bryan is currently attending the University of Toledo.
Alexandra Woodard graduated from Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio. When Alexandra was 12 years old her mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Watching her mom go through cancer treatments she realized how strong she was. Alexandra’s mom wasn’t going to let cancer control her life and continued to work and take care of the family. The most important thing she learned, however, was to love and cherish every moment she has with her mom, no matter how good or bad it is. Alexandra is so proud of who she is today and owes it all to her Mom. Alexandra is currently attending the University of Cincinnati.

Beau Coffman graduated from Anthony Wayne High School in Whitehouse. In 2000 Beau lost his mother to cancer. When his mother passed away Beau decided he wanted to become a person she would be satisfied with, so he worked hard at everything he did. Though it was hard for Beau to lose his mother the experience made him a resilient and courageous person. Beau is currently attending Ohio State University.
Daniel Hoffman graduated from Southview High School in Sylvania. In 2007 his mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Going through such difficult time Daniel realized that not only is family everything, but so are his peers and community. Thankfully, Daniel did not lose his mother and the family is stronger because of it. Now he wants to support others, like he needed support. Daniel wants to serve others and in doing so, make his life more meaningful. Daniel is currently attending Ohio State University.

Dylan Corp graduated in 2009 from Bowsher High School in Toledo. On April 30th, 2007 his whole life changed when Dylan’s father lost his battle with lung cancer. His dad’s death made him realize that he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps by becoming a psychologist. Dylan wants to have a life that would make his father proud, so he can look down on his boy and smile. For this reason Dylan is currently attending Bowling Green State University majoring in Psychology.
Andrew Misko is a 2009 graduate of Maumee High School in Maumee, Ohio. In 2002 his mother was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Watching his mother go through that horrific experience made him appreciate all of lifes blessings. Andrew is grateful for all the help his family received during his Mother’s treatments and continues to give back by volunteering for Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Andrew is currently attending The University Of Toledo.
C’Aira Murria graduated in 2009 from Start High School in Toledo. When she was nine years old her mother lost her battle with breast cancer. C’Aira’s mother was her best friend and her life was crushed with her passing. Even though she has gone through this devastating loss she remains an exemplary academic student and citizen. C’Aira was involved in many Community and Extracurricular Activities during her High School years. She participated in the French Club, Russian Club, Toledo Zoo Teen, Christmas Book Drive, and National Honor Society. C’Aira is currently attending The Ohio State University majoring in Russian.